Hightreck Technical Services was setup in 1991, by Andrew Bessant, to assist organisations make efficient use of Information Technology in their day-to-day operations. Prior to this Andrew worked at the Royal Military College of Science, then for a short period with a registered charity supporting their IT systems alongside those of other similar organisations. In 1993 Andrew became one of the UK’s first Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Over the past 22 years Hightreck Technical Services has worked alongside numerous organisations, spread throughout the UK, some profit making, others charitable, but each time being able to provide the right level of unique service and support required. In some instances this may be as a one-off event, in many others long term relationships develop over several years.

Hightreck Technical Services prides itself in providing friendly, understandable, professional advice and assistance, both to individuals and organisations large and small. By being a small company, we are able to change and adapt as the IT world develops, giving us a unique understanding of this rapidly evolving market.

Over the years we have learnt that reliability is key to any system's success, therefore we have developed relationships that allow us supply the latest branded equipment from the leading manufacturers. However, as we believe in honesty and integrity throughout, there have been occasions when we have turned away a profitable sale, as the client's existing equipment is quite capable of doing the job they perceive it can’t! All that was needed was a bit of training, reconfiguration or the additional purchase of a cheaper item - resulting in a happy client who gets their job done without having to make large a investment. We can’t guarantee that this will happen to you, but you can rest assured, we will tell you if it can!


...committed to technical excellence...